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Choosing the Right Survival Shelters

In a survival situation, you have to have a shelter that’s going to keep you and your family safe from whatever the weather delivers. Whether it’s the sun beating down on you or a raging thunderstorm, you need to be protected.

Your survival shelter will depend on what materials are available to you. If you can plan ahead, this is always the best possible way to make sure you and your family will have the right shelter that you need.

Most survivalists know how to make a long-term survival shelter, but when youíre on the go or you have to get set up quickly, you have to be provided for in the meantime. In a pinch, you can use an oversized poncho as shelter.

But this is a short-term solution. You can also use a large garbage bag like you would a poncho. You should always travel with some type of shelter with you or have the tools to make one quickly.

A waterproof tarp will also work for a temporary shelter and these are strong enough to withstand some pretty tough elements and they can do a fairly good job of keeping you warm. However, they’re not good as a long-term shelter.

Some people use enclosed top portable hammocks. These are lightweight and can be tied to trees to keep the hammocks off the ground. You can find these online and they have mesh walls that act as a pest barrier. These shelters are temporary and are suited mainly for adults or teenagers rather than smaller children.

If you want to make sure that your family is well cared for, you’re going to want to set aside tents. You can choose the tube tents and these are set up quickly and get people out of the elements.

You can choose a two-man or a family tent.

Always look for ones with a quick setup.

Scout tents are a good choice as are teepee tents.

If you know you might be in the tent for a few weeks, you can look for dome or lodge tents.

A survival blanket can also be constructed into a temporary lean-to if you have a cord with you.

If you don’t have any cording, you can search the area to see if it has some plant vines you could use as cording to tie the survival blanket to the trees.

You can construct a shelter out of the materials that nature provides.

Depending on how much time you have, this can be either short or long term. You can build a shelter from tree limbs and leaves. By packing the shelter with leaves, it will keep you warm for a short period of time.


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