How to Choose a Suitable Homestead

If you’re getting a homestead just to serve as a place to bug out to, you won’t need a fancy place. Just having the bare necessities such as food stores and water supplies along with the usual first aid kit and other important items will do fine.

However, if you choose to live permanently in a homestead it will basically mean that you’ll be growing your own vegetables, fruit, etc. You may raise poultry, goats, etc. You may either have plumbing or you may need to procure your water from a well or lake.

It all depends on how much you wish to live off-grid, or do you just want to get away from the madding crowd. There are many reasons why survivalists choose to live in homesteads.

They’re able to avoid disasters such as terrorist attacks, pandemics, economic collapse, and so on. While they may not totally avoid these catastrophic events, the impact is felt less when you live in a rural area far away from others.

You’re less likely to get infected in a pandemic, less likely to become a victim of a terrorist attack and if there’s any protests/violence, it almost always takes place in the urban areas.

So, how do you choose a homestead?

For starters, you want it to be a good distance away from the urban areas. The further away the better. If you’re keeping a homestead as a secondary location to bug out at, if there’s a crisis, the roads may be blocked and getting to your homestead may take longer.

Pick a homestead that’s located away from the major roads and a long distance away from where you live… but also not too far off. You’ll need to find the right balance if you’re living and working in the city or suburbs.

During a crisis, you want to be able to get to your homestead with a tank of gas in your car. The gas stations will be crowded and if you constantly need to top up gas for your vehicle just to get to your homestead, that will be a major inconvenience.

While you do not want to have neighbors close to you, you also don’t want to be so isolated that it takes ages to get help if you need it. Scout for a good location till you can find one.

Pick a homestead that’s large enough to accommodate you and your entire family. There should be space to freely move around in and accommodate all your food and water supplies.

The roofing needs to be good and the homestead also needs to be safe and secure. Even if you live in a rural area, your house should be burglar proof. Have latches on doors and lock your doors every night.

Your homestead should be built out of strong material to withstand storms, etc. A homestead doesn’t have to be a mansion, but it shouldn’t be like the straw house that the little piggy built. It’s still a shelter that needs to protect you and your family.

Bear all these points in mind when choosing a homestead. Plan properly several times and decide wisely. This will ensure that you get a reliable homestead that serves you well in a time of need and doesn’t become a money pit.

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