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12 Ways to Protect Your Homestead

During a crisis, people will get desperate. Those who are not prepared will be tempted to rob those who are. Even during peace time muggings, robberies and home invasions take places thousands of times a day all over the US. During a crisis, it will be much worse.

If you have a homestead in a rural area, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of crime and panic that will rear their ugly heads during a survival scenario. Since you’re far away from the heat of the action, you’re safer.

However, you’re not completely safe. Some people may drive out to see where else they could quietly rob and escape scot-free. It’s more of a hassle to get to a homestead to rob it, but it’s easier to get away with the crime because law enforcement are miles away.

The motivated criminals may drop by your homestead and this article will show you how to be ready for them.

Easily Protectable

You should have places in your house where you can take cover or hide in. This will allow you to take the criminals by surprise and bring them down. Once criminals break into your homestead, you’ll have to rely on cover, concealment and retaliation to defend your property and lives.

Alarm System

Set up an alarm system in your house that will trigger a loud siren if someone breaks in. This loud noise is enough to scare off most potential criminals. Make sure that the alarm is connected to the dial the authorities when it’s triggered so that help will be on the way immediately.

Always keep your alarm on during the day and night. Criminal elements can strike at any time.

Motion Sensor Lights

Install motion sensor lights that turn on whenever someone skulks around the property in the dead of night. When floodlights shine brightly, the criminal will get a shock and run off. It’ll also increase visibility for you and no one will be able to hide in the shadows and take you by surprise.


You absolutely must have firearms. This will be your last measure and very often, the most effective one. A shotgun is ideal because you just need to point it in the general direction of the criminal and fire.

Stopping power is more important than accuracy because most guns used in self-defense will involve the criminal being in close proximity to you. So, you want to bring them down with one or two shots.


Dogs are fantastic for keeping your homestead safe. Most criminals are more afraid of a vicious dog than a homeowner with a gun. The dog will bite and tear the criminal apart if given a chance… and it’s next to impossible to outrun it. Even the most determined criminals WILL NOT hazard a chance.

Get a good guard dog that is alert and will growl and bark when intruders are close by. German Shepherds, Great Danes and Bullmastiffs are fantastic dogs for home protection.


A fence that surrounds the perimeter of your property is one of the best ways to let people know that they’re on private property. It will be a mild deterrent.


Warning signs that state “Beware of dog” or “Trespassers will be shot” will give the impression that people on the property will not tolerate anyone trying to get the better of them.

Security Cameras

Security cameras will help capture images of the perpetrators so that law enforcement can catch up with them later. Many criminals avoid breaking into properties if they see security cameras around.

Build Your Home With Strong Materials

Even if it’s a farmhouse, your homestead needs to have strong reinforced doors and frames. The walls need to be thick and made of brick or concrete. Wood can easily be broken. So, build your house with materials that can withstand an attack.

Safe Room

If you can afford it, build a safe room in your homestead. Should you not be able to thwart the criminals, you and your family can hide out in the safe room till help arrives. Make sure you have some water and food supplies in the safe room and a way to contact the authorities on the outside.

Bulletproof Windows

Having bulletproof windows in your home will prevent people from smashing your windows or shooting it to smithereens. They’ll be unable to get in no matter what they do.

Underground Bunker

Similar to safe rooms, an underground bunker will keep you safe from criminals too. Underground bunkers will also shelter you from hurricanes, storms, etc.

Apply as many of these 12 security tips in your homestead as you can and you’ll have a house that’s comfortable, but also as safe as a fortress. You’ll need it to be both during a crisis.

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